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Urgency of the theme.Research of sources of the national statehood idea occurrence proclaimed national intelligency in the beginning of 20 century and active participation of the Kazakh youth in it as a component of national movement Alash has an important role in questions of studying and judgement of the past, culture and traditions of the people .At the Soviet mode complex and system studying of the given problem was not represented possible and it has not received due deep scientific judgement. In the given context the history research of national-democratic movement of the Kazakh youth in specified period becomes rather actual.

The urgency of a theme of research is defined as well by that in the Kazakhstan historiography till now there is no objective estimation of history national-democratic movement of the Kazakh youth фе at beginning of the XX century, and the given problem is white stain in the newest History of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of research is complex studying of history of occurrence and development of national-democratic movement of the Kazakh youth at the beginning of XX century, and its gradual growth in social-democratic movement under the influence of 1917 y. revolution, showing up continuity and historical interaction between Kazakh youth organisations in 1917-1920 and youth movement in the periods of Soviet authority and independent of Kazakhstan.

From the above-stated the following problems are allocated:

  • Illumination of colonizer policy influence of the imperial government on formation of political sights of the Kazakh youth at the end of XIX th and at the beginning of the XX th centuries;

  • To give a scientific substantiation to growth of national consciousness of the Kazakh youth, its participation in national excitements during the first bourgeois-democratic revolution in Russia 1905-1907 years;

  • To analyze social-political and cultural-educational activity of the first Kazakh youth organisations as «Birlik», «Kenes» which were formed in Omsk and in tashkent during the years 1914-1915;

  • To define the basic directions of national intelligency activity and youth among the Kazakhs mobilised for rear works in national-liberation movement of 1916y.

  • To recognise cultural-educational and political activity of Kazakh youth organisations as result of influence of democratic transformations after February revolution of 1917 y.

  • To analyse and state an estimation to programs, the basic directions of political activity Kazakh youth organisationы during October revolution of 1917 and during civil war, and also in the termination of their activity at an establishment of the Soviet authority.

  • To reveal and show continuity and historical interrelation between the Kazakh youth organisations and youth movement in the period of Soviet authority and independent of Kazakhstan.

Scientific novelty of the researched works. On the basis of actual and archival material, the attempt of all-round studying of Kazakh national-democratic youth organisations history is made, as the given problem was not illuminated in the historiography of Kazakhstan till now.The documents from funds of State archives of RK and the Russian Federation, and also materials of periodicals of the beginning 20 century reflecting history of national-democratic youth movement of Kazakhstan for the first time entered into a scientific turn have been used during research.

Chronological frameworks of dissertational work was taken as an important stage in the development of Kazakh national-democratic youth movement, 1900-1920 years.

The substantive provisions which are taken out on protection:

  • The obvious fact is, that on formation of political sights of Kazakh youth influenced on colonial policy of imperial Russia at the end of XIX century and at the beginning of XX century.

  • Growth of national consciousness and social-political activity of Kazakh youth occurred under the influence of democratic transformation ideas , proclaimed by revolution of 1905-1907 years;

  • In the development of social-political and civil positions of Kazakh youth, their participation in the organisation activity of «Birlik», «Kenes», and also in the liberation movement of 1916 had an important role;

  • As a result of 1917 year February revolution national-democratic movement of Kazakh youth has risen on a new step of the development. During this period we find out, that its ideological unity and political activity have reached the highest level;

  • In the period of two revolutions of 1917 year and civil resistance because of heterogeneity of political views of the Kazakh youth, among them supporters of movement «Alash» ideas and adherents of Bolshevist social democratic youth organisations conducted work;

  • In connection with an establishment of the Soviet authority in all regions of Kazakhstan and occurrence of the Komsomol organisations the Kazakh youth national-democratic movement undergo crisis and forcedly stop the activity;

  • Studying of interrelation, continuity and historical operational experience of democratic youth movement activity in the period of represents doubtless scientific interest.

Results of research:

-The complete characteristic of colonial policy of imperial government in Kazakhstan at the end of XIX and at the beginning of the XX centuries influencing on formation of social-political sights, motivation and growth of national consciousness of Kazakh youth is given;

  • The first Kazakh youth organisations were researched systematically, their number and structure main directions of their activity are defined on examples of «Zherlester», «Birlik», «Kenes», «Bokei Orda alliance of teachers and doctors» and others;

  • The role of the Kazakh youth in revolt 1916 y, value of organizational-mass works among the indigenous population involved for rear works, spent by participants of youth movement under the influence of intelligency in days of the First World War is defined;

  • For the first time on the basis of an archival and actual material the history of national-democratic movement of Kazakh youth is studied in complex way in the period of two revolutions of 1917 year and civil war, the content and basic directions to their program had been analysed;

  • the influence of socialist way of social-political life to youth movement and the aggravation of contradictions between its various directionsconnected with it , that promoted the activity termination of national-democratic movement of Kazakh youth organisations or their growth into socialist one is shown;

  • The interrelation, continuity and historical experience democratic Kazakh youth movement activity are studied in the conditions of stagnancy and crisis of Soviet mode, and also sovereign of Kazakhstan.

Methodological basis of dissertational research is problem-chronological, comparative and analytical methods of historical knowledge. the workis based on objectivity principles, historism, scientific character, systemic and critical estimation.

Approbation of work

The basic positions and conclusions of dissertation are given in 4 articles and 6 reports on international scientific-practical conferences.

The practical and theoretical importance of work

The results and conclusions of research can be used in historiography of Kazakhstan in writing monography and special courses on the given problem.

Structure of dissertational research. The dissertation consists of Introduction, 2 volumes, Conclusion and the list of the used literature.

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