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1. Fill the sentences with the following words. already * before * ever * for * just * rarely * since * so * still * yet 1. Have you … …. dreamt of winning the lottery?

  1. I haven‟t worked out how to set the timer on the video.

  2. My dad‟s lived in the same house … … he was born.

  3. The film‟s only been on … … a couple of minutes. 5. Bruce has knocked three men out of the competition … … far.

  1. I get the chance to get any exercise – I‟m just too busy.

  2. He‟s only … … got home.

  3. It‟s eleven o‟clock and Todd … … hasn‟t come home. Where could he be?

  4. I‟ve never met Ruth … … What‟s she like? 10. Have you finished … …? That was quick!

2. Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous?

  1. It (snow) … … all day. I wonder when it will stop.

  2. We (have) … … three major snowstorms so far this winter. I wonder how many more we will have.

  3. It‟s ten p.m. I (study) … … I wonder how many more we will have. 4. I (write) … … them three times, but I still haven‟t received a reply.

  1. The telephone (ring) …. … four times in the last hour, and each time it has been for my office mate.

  2. The telephone (ring) …… for almost a minute. Why doesn‟t someone answer it?

  3. A.: (you, be) … …. able to reach Bob on the phone yet?

B.: Not yet. I (try) … … for the last twenty minutes, but all I get is a busy signal.

  1. A.: Hi, Jenny. I (see, not) … … you for weeks. What (you, do)

… …. lately?

B.: Studying.

  1. A.: What are you going to order for dinner?

B.: Well, I (have, never) … … vegetarian pizza, so I think I‟ll order that.

  1. A.: What‟s the matter? Your eyes are red and puffy. (you, cry) B.: No, I just finished peeling some onions.

  2. A.: Dr. Jones is a good teacher. How long (he, be) … … the university. B.: He (teach) … … here for twenty-five years. 12. The little girl is dirty from head to foot because she (play) ….

… in the mud.

3. Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous? 1. Someone (eat) … all the cakes. I‟ll have to buy some more.

  1. What (you buy) … your sister for her birthday?

  2. My throat is really sore. I (sing) … all evening.

  3. Brenda (learn) …. Russian, but she finds it difficult. 5. How many people (you invite) …. to your party?

  1. Those two for cats (sit) … on that branch for the last party?

  2. It (rain) … all day! Why can‟t it stop?

  3. Diana (wear) …. twelve different dresses in the park week!

  4. I (do) … everything you asked. What should I do now?

  5. Graham and Pauline (try) … to find a house for ages, but they can‟t find one they can afford.

4. Put the verbs in brackets into the proper present tense (Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect):

  1. It is raining and Ann … my umbrella. (to take)

  2. The lesson … yet. (not to begin)

  3. I often … people say that the weather in Astana is bad. (to hear)

  4. Peter, what … Bob … there? (to do) – He … his exercise-book, he … it. (to look for, to lose) – Why it … here! (to lie)

  5. What … he … ? (to do) – He … his degree-work, he … it yet.

(to write, not to finish). He … necessary material for it, and now he … in the library. (to collect, to work)

  1. It‟s Sunday morning. On Sundays we usually … to the country. (to go) I must be ready by nine o‟clock as my friends are to call for me at 9 sharp. I … already … my bed and … the floor. (to do, to sweep) Now I … my hair: I … and … it, and I … a scarlet band round my head. (to do, to brush, to comb, to put) Looking into the mirror I see that I … pretty well with this new hairdo. (to look) I … to the kitchen to have breakfast. (to go) My mother … it for the two of us. (to cook) We … at the kitchen-table. (to sit down) While Mother … the coffee into our cups, I … some sandwiches. (to pour, to prepare) “What … your plans for today?” Mother asks me. (to be) “We haven‟t made up our minds yet.” “I think you‟d better go to some place near the sea,” Mother says.

5. Open the brackets using the verbs in the Present Perfect or Past Simple.

  1. He (to be) abroad five years ago.

  2. You (to be) in the Caucasus last year?

  3. They (to leave) England when he (to be) still a child.

  4. He (not yet to come) back.

  5. He (to go) already?

  6. When you (to see) him last?

  7. I (not to see) him for ages.

  8. His health (to improve) greatly since I (to see) him last.

  9. Last night I (to feel) tired and (to go) to bed very early.

  10. Where you (to spend) your holidays?

  11. You ever (to spend) your holidays in the Crimea?

  12. While traveling in the Crimea I (to meet) your friend.

  13. I never (to visit) that place.

  14. He (to visit) that place last year.

  15. I just (to get) a letter from Tom.

  16. You (to take) any photographs while traveling in the south?

6. Open the brackets using the verbs in one of the future tenses: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous.

  1. He (to run) now. He (to run) for ten minutes without any rest.

  2. What they (to do) now? – They (to work) in the reading-room. They (to work) there for already three hours.

  3. Where he (to be) now? – He (to be) in the garden. He (to play) volley-ball with his friends. They (to play) since breakfast time.

  4. I (to live) in St.Petersburg. I (to live) in St.Petersburg since 1990.

  5. She already (to do) her homework for two hours; but she (not yet to do) half of it.

  6. I (to wait) for you since two o‟clock.

  7. What you (to do)? – I (to read) for already two hours. I already (to read) sixty pages.

  8. This man (to be) a writer. He (to write) books. He (to write) books since he was a young man. He already (to write) eight books.

  9. What you (to do) here since morning?

  10. Lena is a very good girl. She always (to help) her mother about the house. Today she (to help) her mother since morning. They already (to wash) the floor and (to dust) the furniture. Now they (to cook) dinner together.

  11. This is the factory where my father (to work). He (to work) here for fifteen years.

  12. You (to find) your note-book? – No! I still (to look) for it. I already (to look) for it for two hours, but (not yet to find) it.

  13. You (to play) with a ball for already three hours. Go home and your homework.

  14. Wake up! You (to sleep) for ten hours already.

  15. I (to wait) for a letter from my cousin for a month already, but (not yet to receive) it.

  16. It is difficult for me to speak about this opera as I (not to hear) it.

  17. I just (to receive) a letter from my granny, but I (not yet to receive) any letters from my parents.

  18. The weather (to be) fine today. The sun (to shine) ever since we got up. 19. Every day I (to wind) up my watch at 10 o‟clock in the evening.

  1. Come along, Henry, what you (to do) now? I (to wait) for you a long time.

  2. Where your gloves (to be)? – I (to put) them into my pocket.

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