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Third Conditional (unreal past situations)

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Third Conditional (unreal past situations)

Ӛткен уақытта болмай қалған жағдайларды сипаттау ҥшін қолданылады. Олар шын фактілерге қарама қайшылықты білдіреді.


If + Past Perfect / would have + Past participle

  • If you had told me about the problem., I would have helped you.

(But you didn‟t tell me…)

  • They would have passed the exam. If they had studied (But they didn‟t study and failed the exam …)

  • If the weather had been nice yesterday, we would have gone to the zoo. (But the weather wasn‟t nice yesterday…)

Mixed Conditional Аралас шартты сӛйлем

Кейде шартты сӛйлемнің екі бӛлігі де екі шаққа қатысты болуы мҥмкін. Мҧндай шартты сӛйлемді Mixed Conditional (Аралас шартты сӛйлем) деп атайды. Оның екі тҥрі бар:

а) Бірінші тҥрінде шартты сӛйлем ӛткен шақтағы іс-әрекетті

білдіреді, ал оның нәтижесі ӛткен шаққа қатысты болады.

б) Екінші тҥрінде шартты сӛйлем белгілі бір уақытты

білдірмейді, ал оның нәтижесі ӛткен шаққа қатысты болады.

If you had taken your medicine yesterday, you would be well now.

Wish, if, only

1) I wish… would …, if only … would

Бҧл қҧрылым осы шақта болған іс-әрекетке кӛңілі толмауды, риза болмауды, болашақта оған ӛзгеріс енгізілгенін қалауды білдіреді.

  • I wish you would make your bed. (I want you to make your bed).

  • I wish he would stop talking. (I want him to stop talking).

  • If only it would stop raining. (I want it to stop raining).

2) Wish, if only + Past Indefinite Осы шаққа қатысты ӛкініш жайлы айтқанда қолданылады.

(екінші шартты сӛйлемнің тҥрі сияқты)

  • If you I could eat eggs. (I can‟t eat eggs).

  • I wish I spoke French. (I don‟t speak French).

  • If only I knew her phone number. (I don‟t know her phone number).

Wish, if only + Past Perfect

Wish, if only + Past Perfect ӛткен шаққа қатысты ӛкінішті білдіру ҥшін қолданылады.

  • I wish I had saved some money . = I didn‟t save any money.

  • I wish I had studied for the test. = I didn‟t study for the test.


Unless = if … not

  • I can‟t see if I don‟t wear glasses. = I can‟t see unless I wear glasses. • Unless you work much harder, you won‟t pass the exam.

  • He will go there if he isn‟t too busy. = He will go there unless he is too busy.

Салыстыр if / in case

  • I‟ll bring in the washing if it rains. (I‟ll bring it in at the time it starts raining).

  • I‟ll bring in the washing in case it rains. (I‟ll bring it now because it might rain later).


1. Underline the necessary word.

  1. This time in six months. I‟ll be at university unless / if I decide to take a year off first.

  2. We‟d better leave early tomorrow unless / in case there‟s a lot of traffic when we get to Doncaster.

  3. You can watch the film as long as / in case you promise to go straight to bed when it finishes.

  4. Let‟s go to Mirabella‟s tonight unless / if you haven‟t been there before.

  5. Unless / so long as I‟ve still got my health, I don‟t mind how poor I am.

  6. You‟d better take a sweater with you know if / in case it gets cold tonight.

  7. Do what you like provided / unless you don‟t make any noise.

  8. I‟m not going to worry unless / as long as she hasn‟t called by midnight.

2. Use the verbs in right forms.

Mr.Day: Can‟t you stop playing that computer? You‟re making an awful noise.

Adam: Well, if … I don‟t practice … (I/not practice), I won‟t pass my exam.

Mr.Day: But why at night? It‟s half past twelve. If (1) …… (you/play) it in the daytime, (2) … … (I / not / hear) you because I‟d be at work. If (3) … … (you / tell) me about this trumpet when you first came here, (4) … … (I / not / let) you have the room. I‟m afraid it‟s becoming a nuisance. If (5) … …. (you / not / play) so loud, (6) … …. (it / not / be) so bad.

Adam: I‟m sorry, but you can‟t play a trumpet quietly.

Mr.Day: if (7) … … (I / realize) a year ago what you were going to do, then (8) … … (I / throw) you out long ago. If (9) … … (you / go) on making this noise at night, (9) … …. (you / go) on making this noise at night, (10) … … (I / have) to complain to your college.

3 Underline the right verb in each sentence.

If the machine stops / will stop, you press / will press this button.

  1. If you help / helped me with this exercise, I will / would do the same for you one day.

  2. According to the timetable, if the train leaves / left on time, we will / would arrive on time.

  3. If it is / will be fine tomorrow, we go / will go to the coast.

  4. If we find / found taxi, we will get / would get there before the play starts.

  5. It‟s quite simple really. If you take / will take / took these tablets every day, then you lose / will lose / lost / would lose weight.

  6. I don‟t like this flat. I think I am / I will be / I‟d be happier if I live / will live / would live / lived in a house in the country.

  7. I don‟t know how to play baseball, but I‟m sure that if I will do / did, I play / will play / would play a lot better than anyone in this awful team.

  8. If I phone / will phone / phoned you tonight, are you / will you be / would you be in?

  9. Why didn‟t you tell me? If you told / had told me, I had helped / would have helped you.

  10. If Ann wasn‟t driving / didn‟t drive / hadn‟t driven so fast, her car didn‟t crash / wouldn‟t crash / wouldn‟t have crashed into a tree.

  11. Let me give you some advice. If you smoked / would smoke

/ had smoked less, you didn‟t feel / wouldn‟t feel / wouldn‟t have felt so tried.

  1. If you invited / had invited me last week, I was able / had been able / would have been able to come.

  2. I‟m sure your letter hasn‟t arrived yet. If it came / had came I‟m sure I noticed / had noticed / would have noticed it.

  3. We have a suggestion to make. How do you feel / would you feel if we offered / would offer / had offered you the job of assistant manager?

  4. Terry never catches anything when he goes fishing. And if he catches / caught / had caught a fish, he throws / would throw it back.

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