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Each (әрқайсысы) және Every (әрбір) есімдіктері

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Each (әрқайсысы) және Every (әрбір) есімдіктері

Each есімдігі топтың әрбір мҥшесіне қатысты қолданылады:

  1. Each student in our group has a Kazakh –English dictionary.

  2. Each of us received a ticket to the concert.

Every есімдігі топқа қатысты қолданылып «барлығы» деген мағыаны білдіреді:

  1. Every citizen has to pay taxes.

  2. I would like to visit every country in the world.


1. Find the right pronouns.

  1. This is my / mine umbrella. (Your) / yours umbrella is over there.

  2. This is my / mine. The other one is your / yours.

  3. Mary and Bob have their / theirs books. In other words, Mary has her / hers and Bob has his / him.

  4. A honeybee has two wings on each side of its / it‟s body.

  5. Its / It‟s true that a homing pigeon will find its / it‟s way home even though it begins its / it‟s trip in unfamiliar territory.

  6. I have a pet. Its / It‟s name is Squeak. Its / It‟s a turtle. Its / It‟s been my pet for two years.

  7. Our / Ours house is almost the same as our / ours neighbors‟ house. The only difference in appearance is that our / ours is gray and their / theirs is white.

  8. When I was in Florida, I observed an interesting fish-eating bird called an anhinga.

It / They dives into the water and spears its / it‟s prey on its / it‟s long, pointed bill. After emerging from the water, it / they tosses the fish into the air and catches it / them in mid-air, then swallows it / them headfirst. Its / It‟s interesting to watch anhinga in action. I enjoy watching it / them.

2. Full in a few, (very) few, a little, or (very) little. 1. Do you have ____ minutes? I‟d like to ask you ____ questions. I need more information.

  1. Diana‟s previous employer gave her a good recommendation because she makes ____ mistakes in her work.

  2. After Steve tasted the soup, he added ____ salt to it. 4. I don‟t like a lot of salt on my food. I add ____ salt to my food.

  1. I like music. I like to listen to ____ music after dinner before I begin studying.

  2. Driving downtown to the stadium for the baseball game was easy. We got there quickly because there was ____ traffic.

  3. Jim is having a lot of trouble adjusting to eighth grade. He seems to be unpopular. Unfortunately, he has ____ friends.

  4. We‟re looking forward to our vacation. we‟re planning to spend ____ days with my folks and then ____ days with my husband‟s folks. After that, we‟re going to a fishing resort in Canada.

  5. A.: Are you finished?

B.: Not yet. I need _____ more minutes.

  1. A.: Are you finished?

B.: Not yet. I need _____ more time.

  1. I was hungry, so I ate ____ nuts.

  2. Because the family is very poor, the children have ____ toys.

  3. Into each life, _____ rain must fall. (a saying)

  4. Samal likes sweet tea. She usually adds honey to her tea.

  5. Has anyone ever called you on the phone and tried to sell you

something you didn‟t want? I have _____ patience with people who interrupt my dinner to try to sell me a magazine.

  1. He‟s a lucky little boy. Because his parents have taken good care of him, he has had ____ problems in his young life.

3. Fill in somebody (someone), anybody (anyone), nobody (no one), everybody (everyone), something, nothing, everything:

  1. The door is open. There must be … at home.

  2. There is … wrong with my fountain-pen. It won‟t write.

  3. A blind man cannot see ….

  4. Is there … in the room? - Yes, there is … in it.

  5. It is too dark here, I cannot see ….

  6. If there is … in the room you may turn off the light.

7.Can … recite the poem?

  1. We must do … to help her.

  2. Can I do … for you?

  3. There must be … interesting in the book you read.

  4. It is too dark, I can‟t see … on the blackboard. May I turn on the light?

  5. We can work in Room No. 20. There is … there.

  6. Let‟s go there at once. I want to see … with my own eyes.

  7. May I come to see you tonight? I‟ve got … to tell you. 15. Bob is one of our best students, … knows him.

  1. Must we learn … by heart? – No, must only prepare the poem for test reading.

  2. There is … interesting in this magazine.

  3. Is … away from the lesson?

4. Fill in the blanks with some, any, not any, much, many, not much, not many, very little, a little, very few, a few:

1.Are there … college-graduates among your friends? – Yes, there are …

2.Are there … students in the next classroom? – No, there aren‟t …

  1. I haven‟t got time , I must hurry.

  2. I have … time and can help you.

  3. There are … cups on the table, but there aren‟t … glasses.

  4. I have very … time and can‟t stay any longer.

  5. We know very … about it.

8.I have … questions to ask.

9.Very … people know Doctor Sanford.

10. There are … girls in the family, are there?

11.There‟s very … chalk at the blackboard, go and fetch …

  1. There are … students in the hall, are there?

  2. There isn‟t … tea in the tea -pot.

  3. There isn‟t … paper in the box , I need more.

  4. There aren‟t … pencils in the box, don‟t take … 16. It‟s a secret. Very …people know about it. 17. Please add … more tea in my cup.

5. Fill in the blanks much, many:

  1. I haven‟t visited _____ city in the United States.

  2. There (isn‟t/aren‟t) ______ money in my bank account.

  3. I haven‟t gotten ______ mail lately.

  4. I don‟t get _____ letter.

  5. There (isn‟t/aren‟t) _____ hotel in my hometown.

  6. There (is/are) ______ too _____ furniture in Anar‟s living room.

  7. There (isn‟t/aren‟t) ______ traffic today.

  8. There (isn‟t/aren‟t) ____ car on the road today.

  9. I can‟t go with you because I have too ____ work to do.

  10. A: How _____ side does a pentagon have? B: Five.

  11. I couldn‟t find ______ information in that book.

  12. How ______ homework did the teacher assign?

  13. I haven‟t met ______ people since came here.

  14. How ______ postage does this letter need?

  15. I think there (is/are) ______ to ______ violence on television.

6. Neither / either / none / any.

  1. We tried a lot of hotels, but ______ of them had any rooms.

  2. I took two books with me on holiday, but I didn‟t read _____ of them.

  3. There are a few shops at the end of the street, but ______ of them sell newspapers.

  4. You can phone me at ______ time during the evening. I‟m always at home.

  5. I can meet you next Monday or Friday. Would _____ of those days be convenient for you?

  6. John and I couldn‟t get into the house because _______ of us had a key.

  7. _______ eat your dinner or go to your room!

  8. “Can you came on Monday or Tuesday?” “I am afraid _____ day is possible”.

  9. ______ of my brothers remembered my birthday.

7. Each or every.

  1. There were four books on the table. _______ book was a different color.

  2. The Olympic Games are held _______ four years.

  3. _______ parent worries about their children.

  4. In a game of tennis there are two or four players. ______ player has a ticket.

  5. Nicola plays football ______ Thursday evening.

  6. I understand most of what they said but not _______ word.

  7. I get paid ______ four weeks.

  8. The book is divided into five parts and ______ of these has three sections.

  9. ______ person in turn went to see the doctor.

  10. He gave _____ patient the same medicine.

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