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I looked for my watch, but I could not find it …

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I looked for my watch, but I could not find it …

a) anybody

b) now here

c) anywhere

d) every where

e) some where
690. Choose the right variant:


a) the twelve thousand six hundred and thirty nine

b) twelve thousand six hundred thirty nine

c) the twelve thousand six hundred thirty nine

d) twelve thousand six hundred and thirty nine

e) twenty thousand six hundred thirty nine
691. Choose the right variant:

I met my … friend last week.

a) older

b) elde

c) old

d) olderer

e) the old
692. Choose the right variant:

This film is … interesting than that film.

a) well

b) more

c) most

d) very

e) the more
693. Choose the right variant:

Ill tell Nurlan all the things when … him.

a) I am going to see

b) I see

c) Ill see

d) I shall see

e)I saw
694. Find the correct answer.

If … my documents, Ill be in trouble

a) I lose

b) Ill lose

c) I lost

d) I would lose

e) I have lost

695. Choose the right variant:

The Queen of the United Kingdom of Britain lives in …

  1. a) the Downing Street 11

  2. b) St. Pauls Cathedrals

  3. c) Buckingham Palace

d) the House of Parliament

e) Covent Garden

696. Choose the right variant:

Most big towns of Kazakhstan …much historical places.

a) has

  1. b) are having

c) have

  1. d) having

  2. e) has had

697. Choose the right variant:

Article is a part of every magazine.

a) vacation

  1. b) advanced study of the subject

  2. c) laboratory experiment

  3. d) new approach

e) written report
698. Find the correct answer.

a) Who do cook the dinner in your family?

b) Who cooks the dinner in your family?

c) Who does cooks the dinners in your family?

  1. d) Does who cook the dinners in your family?

  2. e) Who cook the dinners in your family?

699. Choose the Present Perfect Continuous.

a) She is studying the new method.

  1. b) I have a lot of things to do.

c) She has got a new car.

d) I have broken the pen.

e) I have been working at the Hospital for 4 years.
700. Choose the right variant.

He … his friends yesterday.

a) seeing

b) see

c) seen

d) saw

e) was see
701. Complete the sentence:

This is … bag.

a) Sholpanes

b) Sholpans

c) Sholpans


e) Sholpan
702. Complete the sentence:

Julia … English lessons every day.

a) has

b) have

c) having

d) is having

e) are having
703. Add the sentence:

Mike and July are married … have a baby.

a) She

b) I

c) We

d) they

e) You
704. Complete the sentence:

She likes cake very … .

a) a few

b) few

c) much

d) many

e) more
705. Choose the right variant:

He works in the office … .

a) one

b) first

c) oneth

d) ones

e) the first
706. Complete the sentence:

She makes mistakes in French very … .

a) much

b) often

c) few

d) many

e) little

707. Complete the sentence

Before they … the city they should take passports.

a) will leave

b) leave

c) leaves

d) left

e) to leave

708. Complete the sentence:

The room where she cooks is …

a) a kitchen

b) a living – room

c) a bathroom

d) a study

e) a bedroom
709. Complete the sentence:

There is … beautiful picture at the end of the book

a) an

b) –

c) the

d) a

e) any
710. Complete the sentence:

What … Fred … now?

a) is / doing

b) is / does

c) are / doing

d) is / done

e) am / doing
711. Complete the sentence:

The children … not smoke.

a) have

b) might

c) should

d) cannot

e) have to
712. Choose the right variant:

That isnt my coat. … is here.

a) my

b) me

c) the mine

d) none of me

e) me not

713. Choose the right variant:

Duman was very ill … day

a) those

b) that

c) such

d) same

e) these
714. Choose the right variant:

… are you cooking?

a) which

b) what

c) at what

d) for whom

e) who
715. Choose the right variant:

We were students at this university five years ….

a) for

b) since

c) ago

d) already

e) in
716. Choose the right variant:

Who draws pictures … than you?

a) the best

b) the most best

c) better

d) good

e) more better

717. Choose the right variant:

My mother asked “Will you come soon?”

a) My mother said me would come soon

b) My mother asked if I was come soon

c) My mother asked if I would come soon

d) My mother asked would I come soon

e) My mother fold to come soon
718. Complete the sentence:

Russia is a …

a) People state

b) Federation

c) Monarchy

d) Unitary state

e) Republic

719. Choose the right variant:

The head of the USA is the….

a) Governed

b) Lord chancellor

c) President

d) Prime minister

e) Queen

720. Complete the saying:

Almaty is located in the …

a) West

b) South

c) East

d) North

e) North – east
721. Complete the English saying:

“My home is my …”

a) castle

b) balcony

c) university

d) penthouse

e) mansion
722. Choose the right variant:

… you go to Astana next month?

a) did

b) do

c) have

d) will

e) shall
723. Complete the sentence:

If he … busy tomorrow he wont go to the cinema.

a) are

b) am

c) is

d) will be

e) shall be
724. Choose the right variant:

She … tomorrow.

a) will leave

b) leave

c) is leave

d) be leaving

e) leaves

725. Choose the right variant:

My parents … in London last summer.

a) is

b) were

c) are

d) was

e) am
726. Complete the sentence:

… you meet her yesterday?

a) do

b) does

c) did

d) will

e) shall
727. Complete the sentence:

Their flat is better than … house.

a) hers

b) mine

c) our

d) its

e) yours
728. Complete the sentence:

He … a teacher.

a) is

b) am

c) shall be

d) were

e) are
729. Choose the correct form of the pronouns.

… shall be working at 8 oclock tomorrow.

a) They

b) I

c) She

d) You

e) He
730. Choose the right variant.

My sister … many friends at college.

a) have got

b having got

c) has got

d) got

e) is

731. Complete the sentence:

The pen is … the bag.

a) into

b) for

c) over

d) in

e) to
732. Choose the right variant:

The … is the head of our country.

a) Prime – minister

b) Judge

c) President

d) Senator

e) Director
733. Complete the sentence:

Senate of the Parliament of RK is located in

a) Astana

b) Taraz

c) Aktau

d) Almaty

e) Atyrau
734. Complete the sentence:

He … the article now.

a) am translating

b) is translating

c) was translating

d) are translating

e) were translating
735. Complete the sentence:

The article … by me yesterday.

a) was written

b) were written

c) am written

d) is written

e) are written
736. Choose the right variant.

After a few months of the treatment she … walk.

a) have to

b) could

c) am able to

d) has

e) are allowed

737. Complete the sentence:

That house belongs to … grandparents.

a) we

b) mine

c) my

d) I

e) me
738. Choose the right variant.

How … money do you need?

a) few

b) many

c) much

d) any

e) little

739. Choose the correct form of the pronoun.

Is … in the flat?

a) nobody

b) anywhere

c) everywhere

d) nowhere

e) anybody
740. Choose the right variant.


a) the sixteenth thousand five hundred and ninety seven

b) sixteen thousand five hundred and ninety seven

c) the sixteen thousand five hundred and ninety seven

d) six thousand five hundred and ninety seven

e) the sixteen thousand five hundred and ninety seven

741. Choose the right variant.

I want to be ... pupil in our class.

a) better

b) the best

c) best

d) the good

e) the better
742. Choose the right variant.

She is ... beautiful than Dinara.

a) more

b) well

c) very

d) the more

e) most

743. Choose the right variant.

Hell show you something interesting when he ... you.

a) meeting

b) met

c) meets

d) will meet

e) am going to meet

744. Find the correct answer.

Theyll go there if the weather ... fine.

a) are

b) is

c) was

d) will be

e) are not
745. Choose the right variant.

The Queen of GB lives in:

a) the Buckingham Palace

b) the St. Pauls cathedral

c) Covent Garden

d) Downing street, 10

e) the Houses of Parliament
746. Choose the right variant.

Every student should...both a book and the copy - book.

a) had

b) have

c) has

d) having

e) have had
747. Choose the right variant.

Holidays are very important for students.

a) written report

b) new approach

c) vocations

d) laboratory experiment

e) study of the subject

748. Find the correct answer.

a) Who work at the hospital?

b) Who does at the hospital?

c) Who do work at the hospital

d) Does who work at the hospital?

e) Who works at the hospital?

749. Choose the Present Continuous

a) She is reading the magazine now.

b) She has read the magazine

c) She’s never read a magazine

d) The magazine is read by her

e) She reads a magazine

750. Choose the right variant.

She heard the telephone ...

a) rang

b) ringed

c) rung

d) rings

e) ring
751. Find the sentence with a possessive noun:

a) Arman’s friend

b) Asem’s good

c) She is sick

d) Askar’s late

e) It’s time

752. Complete the sentence:

My … … are very from here.

a) Friends’ houses

b) Friends houses

c) Friend houses

d) Houses of my friends

e) Friend’s house
753. Complete the sentence:

…students of our University learn foreign languages.

a) in

b) a

c) an

d) for

e) the
754. Complete the sentence:

I often … a lot of work to do.

a) have

b) was having

c) had

d) is having

e) has
755. Choose the correct item:

I am from New York.

a) How old are you?

b) What is your name?

c) Where are you from?

d) Where is your father from?

e) Where is your friend from?
756. Choose the correct word:

The climate is extreme … in Kazakhstan.

a) hot

b) regional

c) European

d) Asian

e) continental
757. Indicate the correct answer:

What is the capital of England?

a) Belfast

b) Birmingham

c) London

d) Dublin

e) Cardiff
758. Choose suitable word:

The coastline … of the United States proper is 22,860 km

a) territory

b) district

c) wild

d) length

e) region
759. Make the right choice:

She has … good sense of … dress.

a) The/the

b) A/the

c) The/a

d) A/-

e) A/a
760. Choose the right variant:

What’s the weather like in Canada? How often … there?

a) Snow it

b) Does it snow

c) Snows it

d) Snowing

e) Does it snows

761. Choose the right variant:

A new film … in this cinema tomorrow.

a) Is shown

b) Will be shown

c) Was showing

d) Are shown

e) Was shown

762. Choose the correct answer: It is … known that Berlin is a city divided between East

and West.

a) best

b) well

c) rather

d) the best

e) quite
763. Choose the correct answer:

Since we have to be there before 9 o’clock, we … take a taxi. Otherwise, we’ll be late

a) are able to

b) had better

c) can

d) may

e ) would
764. Choose the correct variant: You … take any book you like.

a) should

b) have to

c) must

d) may

e) can
765. Choose the right variant:

Look at … beautiful flowers!

a) they

b) those

c) that

d) them

e) this
766. Choose the right variant:

Date: September 30?

a) The thirtieth of September

b) Thirty of September

c) The thirteenth of September

d) Thirty September

e) September thirteen

767. Choose the right variant:

How do you say the number “101”?

a) ones hundreds one

b) one thousand ones

c) one hundred and one

d) one hundreds one

e) one and one hundred
768. Choose the right variant:

You can see the details … the computer screen.

a) along

b) in

c) on

d) by

e) at
769. Choose the right variant:

John marks are … than mine.

a) bad

b) the worst

c) the baddest

d) badder

e) worse
770. Fill in the suitable adverb in the sentence:

I … sleep with my windows open.

a) a let

b) many


d) more

e) always
771. Choose the correct variant:

“I’m writing a letter,” she said:

a) She said she writes a letter

b) She said she writes a letters

c) She said she were writing a letter

d) She said she writing a letter

e) She said she was writing a letter
772. Choose the correct variant:

A swimming pool is a place … you can swim.:

a) which

b) whom

c) where

d) when

e) who

773. Choose the best alternative.

She had an accident yesterday,…she?

a) didn’t

b) did

c) had

d) hadn’t

e) wasn’t

774. Choose the correct answer.

Do you know it is my parents’ wedding anniversary next month? They …

Married for thirty years.

a) are

b) will be

c) have been

d) will have been

e) are going to be

775. Choose the right variant:

She went to the cinema after she … had dinner.

a) was had

b) have

c) will have

d) had

e) has
776. Choose the right suffix for:


a) -ment

b) ship

c) -ness


777. Complete the sentence:

This is … book.





778. Put the correct article. This is a picture of …town where I was born:

a) the

b) a

c) -

d) an

e) any

779. Choose the right variant:

We … at the lesson.

a) are

b) is

c) am

d) was

e) were
780. Find the correct variant:

Where do you take book?

a) At the museum

b) At the library

c) At home

d) At the station

e) In the park
781. Choose the correct word:

Kazakhstan has all types of … except arctic, tropical and equatorial

a) sunshine

b) regions

c) winds

d) climate

e) days
782. Choose the correct item:

Every year the anniversary of W.Shakespeare is celebrated in ….

a) Liverpool

b) Stratford-upon Avon

c) Manchester

d) London

e) Brooklyn
783. Fill in a suitable word: Washington is the … of the USA.

a) main district

b) district

c) capital

d) region

e) territory

784. ___chocolates which I ate last night tasted very strange.

a) The

b) -

c) A

d) Any

e) An
785. Complete the sentence:

I … a headache earlier but I feel fine now.

a) Would have

b) Had

c) Will have

d) Have

e) Has

786. Find the right variant:

How many houses … built in your city a year?

a) Is

b) Have

c) Was

d) Are

e) Has
787. Choose the correct answer:

In the old days, bottles … by hand.

a) Are make

b) Is made

c) Were making

d) Ares made

e) Were made
788. Choose the right variant:

We … do our lessons everyday.

a) will have to

b) had to

c) might

d) must

e) could
789. Complete the sentence:

I …go to the doctor.

a) Ought to

b) Is to

c) May

d) Can

e) Have not to
790. Choose the right variant:

… much time does it take to go there?

a) Why

b) How many

c) How

d) What

e) When

791. Choose the right number:

He lives on (7)floor.

a) the fifth

b) the sixth

c) the fourth

d) seven

e) the seventh

792. Choose the right variant:

The house was constricted in the … century.

a) Nineties

b) Ninety

c) Nineteenth

d) Nine

e) Nineteen
793. Choose the right variant:

The phone is … the computer.

a) in

b) to

c) from

d) for

e) next to
794. Choose the correct answer:

This car is nearly … price … the one we tried yesterday, but this one appears to be in better condition.

a) different/from

b) as/as

c) the same/as

d) similar/to

e) so/that
795. Choose the right variant:

They moved … through the hall.

a) Quieter

b) Quietly

c) Quiet

d) The quietest

e) Quietest
796. Choose the correct answer:

…, I could have phoned you while I was spending my holiday in Spain.

a) If you gave your phone number

b) Had you given your phone number before you left

c) But for your phone number

d) Although you had given me phone number

e) Did you give your phone number to me

797. Choose the correct answer:

Mrs. White is scornful of the romantic idea of love and treats marriage

Simply as something … prudent women use to their advantage.

a) but

b) whose

c) whom

d) of which

e) which
798. Choose the best alternative:

… anything on television, so I turned it off.

a) There was

b) There weren’t

c) It was

d) There wasn’t

e) It wasn’t
799. Choose the right variant:

I didn’t look at the present until she … gone.

a) had

b) have

c) did

d) does

e) has
800. Choose the best alternative:

It’ll take a long time to read this book. He … reading it by the weekend.

a) won’t be

b) has finished

c) won’t have finished

d) is finished

e) will be finishing
801. Choose the right noun in a possessive case:

Where is your … handbag?

a) Mothers

b) Mother

c) Mother’s

d) Mothers’s

e) Motheres
802. Choose the noun in a possessive case:

… name was “Titanic”.

a) The shipes

b) The ship

c) The ship’es

d) The ships

e) The ship’s

803. Choose the correct answer:

Butterflies are … insects.





804. Choose the best alternative:

New York … a big city.





e)am not
805. Choose the correct answer:

I sent a letter two weeks ago and they haven’t received it … .





806. Find the synonym to the underlined words:

She spoke to her English teacher after classes.





807. Choose the right variant:

Who is responsible for government actives before the President of the Republic Kazakhstan?

a) the Depute

b) the Speaker

c) the Prime-Minister

d) the Vice-president

e) the Chairman

808. Choose the correct answer:

A lot of people go to the stadium to watch….

a) the sport events

b) singing competitions

c) drama shows

d) religious singing

e) recitations singing

809. Choose the correct article:

He bought … few books yesterday and I bought 2 ones.

a) -

b) any

c) the

d) an

e) a
810. Choose the right variant:

Have you … been to London?

a) lately

b) yet

c) soon

d) ever

e) always

811. Choose the right variant:

Grammar … by our teacher.

a) Explains

b) Explained

c)Will explain

d) Are explained

e) Is explained
812. Choose the correct variant:

The monument … away.

a) taken

b) takes

c) took

d) has been taken

e) is taking
813. Choose the correct answer:

“ Why are you in a hurry? You … be in your office before half past eight.”

a) couldn’t

b) aren’t supposed to

c) mustn’t

d) might not

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