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The Farmer and His Sons

A rich old farmer, who felt that he had not many days to live, called his sons to his bedside.

"My sons," he said, "Listen what I want to say to you. Somewhere on it is hidden a rich treasure. I do not know the exact spot, but it is in our farm and you must find it. "

The father died. The sons began to dig with all their might, turning up every foot of ground with their spades.

They didn’t find the treasure. But at harvest time they had a rich profit more than their neighbors. They understood that the treasure was not under the ground. Their father wanted to say that they must work hard and be together. It is a big treasure.
The treasure map
Sanjay saw a bottle in the sea. There was something inside it.

He took it out.

“What is it?” asked Sarah.

“It’s a map! It’s a map!”

They looked round and saw a talking parrot.

“Buried treasure! Buried treasure!”

“Wow! A treasure map! Let’s follow it.”

“Maybe it’s gold!”

“Or silver?”

“Or jewels?”

“OK. We are here and the treasure is here.”

“Let’s go! I’ll read.” said the parrot.

“Walk 80 meters north.”

“1, 2, 3…..78, 79, 80.”

“Go through the cave. Mind the bats! Walk straight to the beach.

Go along the beach for 200 meters. The treasure is behind the square rock.”

“Over there! Over there!” Parrot shouted.

“It’s empty!” cried Sarah. Inside there was an old note.

Dear Finder, sorry, but I took my gold. I needed to buy a new pirate ship.

Bye, Captain Redbeard.’

“Well, at least we had a nice walk.” said Sanjay.
Planet Earth
Welcome to the Planet Earth Museum. Here you can learn some interesting facts about our planet.

There are many amazing places on the Earth. Forests are home for the world of animals and plants. Trees clean the air and produce oxygen for us to breathe.

We destroy more than 36 football fields of forests every minute and throw away thousands of trees in paper every day.

The oceans are home to millions of marine animals. A lot of the rubbish we throw to the oceans. Turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and die when they eat them.

Rivers collect rain water and carry it to the oceans. Along the way, plants absorb and clean the water so it is safe for us to drink.

This is a green world and people must respect nature.

Daisy the Doctor
Part I

This is the Doctor Daisy. She is going to the work. Daisy works at the Medical Center. Her job is to help people and to treat them when they are ill.

The waiting room is already full of people when Daisy arrives.

Alice gives Daisy a pile of notes about her patients.

Children can play with toys while they are waiting. Grownups usually prefer to read magazines.
Part II

In her consulting room Daisy check her computer. Daisy’s computer is linked to Alice’s, so she always knows who’s coming to see her.

At nine o’clock exactly, Daisy calls her first patient. He’s a little boy named Isaac Sanchez.

“Poor little Isaac’s been up all night with awful earache,” says his mum.

Daisy checks Isaac’s ears. He is afraid, so daisy shows on his teddy bear. “See, it doesn’t hurt teddy,” she says.

Then she looks inside Isaac’s ear.

“Hmmm…his left ear’s very red,” she says. “He has an infection, so he’ll need some antibiotics.”

Daisy prints out a prescription and sings it.

Part III

Next was a mum with Aruna, a tiny baby and a small boy called Ravi. “We’re here for Aruna’s check-up”, says the mum.

She weighs baby Aruna. She measures Aruna’s body and her head. She listens to her breathing with her stethoscope.

“Aruna’s doing fine,” Daisy tells the mum.

Part IV

Just then, Alice knocks and opens the door from Reception.

“Someone’s had an accident!” she says. “Can you see him?

Daisy hears someone crying. A young boy is holding arm and waiting.

“His … his arm doesn’t stop bleeding,” says his mum.

“What is your name, young man?” asks Daisy.

“A-a-a-lex” sobs the boy.

Daisy examines his arm. “You don’t need to go to hospital. Michael the Nurse can treat it here.”

“I was on… on the yellow swing in the playground,” sobs Alex and I tried to jump off. But I…I landed on a bike – BANG! And it really, really hurt.”

Alex stops crying. Michael the Nurse treats the cut.

Part V

Daisy sees all the patients; At last it’s time to go home.

“I’m exhausted’, she says to Alice. “I haven’t lunch and I’ve got a headache.”

“Maybe you must go to the doctor!” says Alice.


Now Daisy is running home. But she still has a lot more patients to see: a young boy with a cough; a little girl with eczema; a wheezy girl who has asthma…

The weather is an interesting subject we can always talk about. It often changes and brings cold and heat, sunshine and rain, frost and snow. One day is often unlike the next.

We usually say: “A nice day”, “Not a bad day” or “its nice weather for the time of the year” if we like the weather.

We can say: “It looks like rain”, “it looks like snow” or “It’s bad weather” when the weather is bad.
In summer the sun shines, there is no wind and there are clouds in the sky which are blue and beautiful. We can see stars and the moon at night and people like to walk, play outdoor games and sports in the fresh air.

When autumn comes, the days become shorter and colder. It gets dark earlier and often heavy clouds cover the sky bringing rain with them. Sometimes there is heavy rain, so that an umbrella or a raincoat is necessary.

At last frost and snow come. Trees and houses are covered with snow and rivers and lakes with ice. But spring again brings sunshine and warm wind. Sometimes it snows but snow will not remain long, it will melt in the warm sun. Spring will bring bright sunshine, green grass and flowers.
The Little Gingerbread Man
Part I

Once upon a time there was an old woman who loved baking gingerbread. She baked gingerbread cookies, cakes, houses and gingerbread people, all decorated with chocolate and peppermint, caramel candies.

She lived with her husband on a farm at the edge of town. Children liked the sweet spicy smell of gingerbread. They came to see what would be offered that day.

Unfortunately the children gobbled up so fast that the old woman had not time to continue making the batches of gingerbread. Sometimes she suspected little hands because gingerbread pieces and cookies disappeared.

Part II

One day she made a special batch of gingerbread men because they were extra big. Unfortunately for the last gingerbread man she ran out of batter and he was half the size of the others.

She decorated the gingerbread men with care, each having socks, shirt and pants of different colors. When it came to the little gingerbread man she felt sorry for him and gave him more color than the others. "It doesn't matter he's small," she thought, "He'll still be tasty."
The Boys and the Frogs
Some Boys were playing at the edge of a pond. The family of Frogs lived there. The Boys were throwing stones into the pond and the stones skip on top of the water.

The stones were flying thick and fast. The Boys were enjoying themselves very much. But poor Frogs were afraid in the pond.

At last the oldest and bravest Frog put his head out of the water and said "Oh, please, dear children, stop your cruel play! Though it may be fun for you, but it means death to us!"

Always stop to think whether your fun may be the cause of another’s unhappiness.

Jack and the Beanstalk
Part I

Once upon a time there was a boy Jack. He lived with his mother. They were very poor. All they had was a cow.

One morning Jack’s mother told Jack to take their cow to the market. On the way, Jack met a man. He gave Jack some magic beans for the cow.

Jack took the beans and went back home. When Jack’s mother saw the beans she was very angry. She threw the beans out of the window.

Part II

The next morning, Jack looked out of the window. There was a giant beanstalk. He went outside and started to climb the beanstalk.

He climbed up to the sky through the clouds. Jack saw a beautiful castle. He went inside.

Jack heard a voice. “Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!” Jack ran into a cupboard.

An enormous giant came into the room and sat down. On the table there was a hen and a golden harp.
Part III

“Lay!” said the giant. The hen laid an egg. It was made of gold. “Sing!” said the giant. The harp began to sing. Soon the giant was asleep.

Jack jumped out of the cupboard. He took the hen and the harp. Suddenly, the harp sang, “Help, master!”

The giant woke up and shouted, “Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!” Jack ran and started climbing down the beanstalk. The giant came down after him.

Jack shouted, “Mother, help!” Jack’s mother took an axe and chopped down the beanstalk. The giant fell and crashed to the ground. Nobody ever saw him again.

With the golden eggs and the magic harp, Jack and his mother lived happily ever after.

Robot Time
One day there was a boy at his house. His name was Jake. He ran to the store to buy milk and food. But it was dark and the clouds were dark blue... It started raining so Jake ran to the store.

Jake bought the milk and food. Then he was running back home. Suddenly he fell in a hole. He found a robot there. It was big and was a black color.

The next day Jake turned him on…The robot took care of Jake and he followed him.

One day, our world was in trouble because a stone was falling 
from the sky. The kid asked the robot to stop it. The robot hit the stone out of this world... And fell back onto the earth!

The next day Jake was walking and he found him!
The Time Machine
There was a scientist. His name was Crazycoco. He created space machine to travel around the world.

He visited the North Pole. There was a lot of snow there.

He visited Africa and looked at the animals.

He visited China and looked at the pandas.

He visited Australia and looked at the kangaroos.

He visited Spain and bull attacked him.

Our colorful World
This is Billy and Splodge. Billy and Splodge are in a spaceship. They are looking for animals in space.

Splodge sees a planet. Everything on this planet is red. Look at this forest. The trees are red and the leaves are red. But there aren’t any animals here.

Splodge sees another planet. Everything on this planet is yellow. Look at the yellow sky and the yellow clouds. There is a yellow volcano too. Look at the yellow smoke! There aren’t any animals here.

Now Splodge sees another planet. Everything on this planet is pink. Look at the pink sea. There are pink shells and pink plants in the sea. There aren’t any animals here.

Splodge sees another planet. It’s planet Earth. The sky is blue and the sun is yellow. The grass is green and the flowers are red and pink.
Space Suit
Here are some interesting facts about space suit. You can read and remember.

After, he can color a space suit and helmet of his own!

A space suit lets astronauts work and live in space. The suit protect from harsh elements. It gives them air to breathe and protects the astronauts’ body from the extreme heat and cold. A suit is like a spaceship. It has lots of parts: air conditioning, heating, air to breathe and water to drink. There’s even a built-in toilet!
Spaceship from Lego bricks
It’s 7 o’clock in the evening. Lucy and Bob have got a new large set of Lego bricks. They go into Bob’s room to make a spaceship. They work hard. It is very interesting for them. In an hour there is a large spaceship with four astronauts on the floor. It’s very nice. The spaceship is white and blue. The astronauts have got red helmets. There are two small flying saucers near the spaceship.

Dad comes into the room. The children are very proud of their work. Dad says, “The spaceship is great! But where is a door?” The door is absent. The astronauts can’t get into the spaceship. Bob is angry. He blames Lucy for it, Lucy blames him.


Ann Can Read and swim
This is Ann. She can read.

“I am Ann. I can read,” said Ann.

“It is sweet that I can read,” she said. Ann can read and read.

“I can swim and swim,” said Ann.

“I wish I could swim in the sea,” she said.

“I should swim in the sea,” said Ann.

“I could swim in the sea,” she said.

“I would swim and swim,” said Ann.

How we look
We are all alike. We all wear clothes. We wear different things. One girl may wear a scarf on her hand. Another may wear a cowboy hat. What do you like to wear? For example people like to wear T-shirt, jeans or shorts and sandals in summer and jacket and sweater, socks, trousers and boots in winter.
Around school
This is Emily’s big day. She is going to school. Emily will learn how to read! Where will Emily Elizabeth sit? She finds her desk. Today they will learn about rain! This is Emily’s big day. She likes to learn. Emily wants to learn about museums!
School days
Yesterday at school I do some math. I do it well. But I can’t do one sum. After a while, I ask one of my friends. He tells me how to do it. It is great to have friends who help you. I like my friends.
Class photos
I study in Modern school in Astana. My school is three storied building. My classroom is on first floor. My classroom is big and bright. It is very clean. Our classroom has 5 lights and one door, three big windows. There is a large black-board. There is a big table and a chair for the teacher. The walls are white and clean. They are decorated with pictures of great people. I like my classroom very much!
My family
I love my family. There are five people in my family. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is seven and my sister is two. My mom and dad make the rules for my family. Our favourite thing is to play games together.
We are all people
We are all alike. We are all people. We are all different, too. We do not look the same. Some people have lighter skin. Some people have darker skin. Every skin color is beautiful color. You can have long hair or short hair. You can have straight hair or curly hair.
I am Ben. I am a dog. This is Harriet. She is a cat. This is Tom. He is a rat.

We are the best friends. Harriet can run fast. Tom can run fast. I can run fast too.

It is good that we are best of friends.
At the park
Ben is at the park. His dog Sam is at the park too. Ben rides his bike and plays with Sam. Then he goes to the pond to see the ducks. He thinks they are funny! Then they come to their house from the park. Ben lies on the sofa and then he watches the TV.
The beach
I like the beach. You can do a lot of fun things at the beach. I like swimming. We take a beach ball and play in the water. We pick up shells in the sand. I have two sisters, Maggie and Amy. They like to play in the sand. They like to make sandcastles. My brother Mark likes to play in the sand too. He dug a hole and found a crab!
Our body
Body clean is important. Every day you wake up in the morning. Wash your hands and face, brush your teeth. Take a shower twice a week. Change your dirty clothes. Use water, food, exercises. You need to grow strong, healthy person.
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving holiday is on the fourth Thursday of November. Traditional food is turkey. Many families prepare turkey with fried potatoes and sauce. Many people prepare a pie for dessert at the end of the meal. Popular pie tastes like pumpkin, sweet potato and apple.
Three little witches
One little, two little Three little witches

Fly over haystacks,

Fly over ditches,

Slide down the moon

Without any hitches,

Hey-ho! Halloween’s here!

My music
People cannot live without music. They listen to music, dance to music or learn to play musical instruments. There is music everywhere: at home, in a concert hall, in the park, at the seaside, in the forest and even in the street.

Music is not only a combination of pleasant sounds. It is an art which reflects life.

Animals at the zoo
The elephant

It is an elephant. They are big animals. They have a long nose. They make trumpet sound.

The lion

This is the lion. They are brave. They have a hair. The lion is the king of jungle. They can roar.

The monkey

This is the monkey. They sit on the tree. They can jump on the tree. They like fruits, especially bananas. They say eee…eee…eee.

The giraffe

This is the giraffe. It has a very long neck. They are very tall. It can reach the tall tree. They are very quiet animal.

The tiger

This is the tiger. It is big and hunts in the jungle. It can run fast. It goes GRRRRR…

The crocodile

This is a crocodile. They are green. They have a lot of teeth. Their teeth are sharp. They can swim in the water. They rumble RRRRRRR…

The flamingo

This is the flamingo. They are pink. They are beautiful bird. They have long legs. They are very noisy. They say SQUAK…SQUAK…

The rhino

This is the rhino. It is a big animal. It has a horn on his head. They are heavy. They go snort…snort…

The weather
There was Small Cloud’s mother, singing River and her father, Big Sun. One day Singing River called Big Sun. Big Sun smiled and warmed the heart of Singing River. Singing River danced in the warmth. At that time Small Cloud was born. One day she said mother “I want to go over the mountain.” “Yes,” Singing River sighed. Your father, Big Sun, will watch over you.” Whistling Wind blew her across the hot earth. Small Cloud and her friends moved across the sky. Together, they became one great cloud and rain began to fall.
The weather
The weather changes during the year. These changes are called seasons. There are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. In spring lots of animals have babies. Summer begins in June in the north. Leaves fall from the trees in autumn. In some places there is snow in winter. Bears usually sleep in winter. When it is summer in the north, it is winter in the south.
Sea adventures
This is a shark. It is in the sea. It can swim and swim. It is smart. I think it is neat that this shark can swim and is smart. It wants to eat. I think it is neat that it wants to eat.
It is a helicopter. I like helicopters very much. I want to fly a helicopter and travel. I like to fly in the sky. I want to be a pilot.
Types of vehicle
Jake is going on a trip. He and Mom take a taxi to the airport.

“It’s my first plane trip,” he tells the taxi driver.

“That’s great!” the taxi driver says. Jake rolls his suitcase onto the plane. The plane moves faster and faster. Then – Whoosh! In the sky! Cars and houses look like toys.
Numbers and shapes
Shapes are everywhere you look. Everywhere you look there are shapes. Shapes are found in everything. Everything is made up of shapes.

Come on! Let's find shapes!

I see a circle, I see a square

I see a triangle over there

Come on kids; let's draw shapes in the air



Marco Polo

Marco Polo made his first voyage when he was 17. He went with his father and uncle. He travelled through many places. The journey was long and tough but he did not give up. Marco Polo learned a lot about traveling in unknown lands. He wanted to reach new lands and meet new people.
Kayla watched as the children ran around in the park. Kayla loved the rain. She smiled happily. More raindrops fell. The children screamed with pleasure. They loved the rain too. Kayla stood up from the bench and danced in the rain. In just a few minutes Kayla was wet, her arms spread out like a newborn butterfly. Parents called for their children to come to them. Kayla stayed in the rain, enjoying her life alone. "Enjoying the rain" Kayla whispered back, knowing the woman couldn't hear her.
At the beach
In summer schoolchildren do not go to school. They have summer holidays which are three months long. Children don't have to get up early. There is no homework to do or lessons to learn. I never stay in bed long in a bright summer morning. Every summer I go to the country to stay with my grandmother for a week or two. I help Granny to work in the kitchen garden or to look after chickens and ducks. In the village I often go for long bike rides with my cousins. Sometimes we go fishing.

I like to go to the beach in the morning when it is not too hot. I swim, sunbathe and play with my friends on the bank of the river. If my uncle is not very busy he takes my cousins and me on a hike in the forest. I like sleeping in a tent, sitting by the fire and singing songs. Summer holidays are never too long for me.

Number games
Choose a friend and send him/her a number and he will reply with something about you in front of that number. Funny right ? It could be a funny thing as well as a game like truth and dare. Only you and the other person to whom you have sent a number knows about it. For example: You sent: #2 Status message of your friend: #2 Like to have you as a friend. Lets meet this Christmas!

This game is not yet known. I will keep you updated with it as and when I get to know it. Till then I am going to send some numbers to my friends and see what they have to say about or for me. 

Flying kites
Kite flying day is my favorite festival. It is also known as Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan. It is on 14th January every year.

We buy colorful kites. Kite is made of light bamboo sticks and thin papers. On the day of Uttarayan people fly kites. It looks very nice and pleasant when kites of various colors fly in the sky.

There is a competition between kite fliers. They try to cut one another kites. Chikki is special sweet for Uttarayan. It is made of Sesame seeds and pea nuts. People greet each other “Happy Sankranti” on this day.

Makar Sankranti is a harvest festival. It is celebrated the arrival of spring season. It is a day of joy for everyone. I like Uttarayan very much.

Day and Night
Part I

There are 24 hours in a day. The day is divided into day (time) and night (-time). Daytime is from sunrise (but we can say 6am) to sunset (we can say 6pm). Night-time is from sunset to sunrise.

Every day starts precisely at midnight. AM (ante-meridiem = before noon) starts just after midnight. PM (post-meridiem=after noon) starts just after midday. This means that 12am and 12pm have no meaning.

The day starts at midnight. The word day can have two meanings:

1. The 24 hours between one midnight and the next.

2. The time between sunrise and sunset (as distinct from night).

Part II

You probably don’t think much about light and dark. After all, you can turn on a switch and the lights go on. Even in the middle of the night, you can have light.

Two hundred years ago, though, people were very aware of light and dark. They worked during the day when the Sun was shining.As the sun went down, they used candles or oil lamps to see. However, these lights were dim. Outside, there were no street lights. The only light available came from the moon and stars. Night was very, very dark.

People usually went to bed when the sun went down and woke up early.

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