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Gorillas are also beautiful animals that are very strong. They have black hair on their body, and they love their babies.

However, many of them are killed for their meat and for medicine. Many gorillas die every year. They are endangered.

The Rhinoceros
The Rhinoceros is also a beautiful and strong animal. It has horns made of ivory. These great animals can be found in Africa. 

Sadly, many people kill them for their ivory horns. Many people see them as medicine. People also like to make things with the ivory. These animals are endangered because of this.  

Here is a statue made of ivory.  It is very beautiful, strong and smooth. However, a rhinoceros had to die for this.  
The Villager the Spectacles
There was a villager. He was illiterate. He couldn’t read and write. He often saw that people wear spectacles for reading. He thought, “If I have spectacles, I can read. I must go to town and buy spectacles.”

So one day he went to a town. He entered a spectacles shop and asked the spectacles. The shopkeeper gave him several spectacles and a book. But he could not read anything. The shopkeeper said, “Perhaps you can’t read.” The villager said, “No, I don’t. I want to buy spectacles so that I can read like others.” The shopkeeper explained “Spectacles don’t help to read or write. They only help you to see well. First of all you must learn to read and write.”

Laughter is the best medicine
Once there lived a grumpy king. He never laughed and didn’t allow anyone to laugh.

One day, a small boy couldn't control his laughter. He was scared of the punishment and he thought of a plan. He wrote a funny story and converted it into a drama. Then he went to the palace and asked the king, "May I present my drama to you?" the king let him do it. Then the boy started the play. In the end, he came to the funniest part of the story. The king laughed. The king then allowed everybody to laugh. Everyone then lived happily.

Doctor Croaky
One day a frog left his pond hopped to a next lake. He went to the forest to make his new home there. He wanted to make new friends. So the frog climbed a high rock and said, “Friends, please come here. I am new here. I want to meet all of you. I have come from the village.”

Many animals heard his voice and came to the lake. The deer, the tortoise, the duck, the rabbit, the birds, the squirrel, the butterfly and the fox came there.

The frog said, “Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Croaky. I am a doctor who can help you. I have medicines for all animals’ diseases.”

The fox said, “If you are a doctor why haven’t you cured your lame legs? You are hopping all the time.”

All the animals and birds laughed at the frog. The frog went red with shame for his lie.
The magic window
Part I

Once upon a time there was a little boy who became very ill. He spent all day in bed. He suffered greatly because other children couldn’t come near him. He spent his days feeling sad. He looked out of the window. Time passed and his feeling of despair just grew.

Part II

One day he saw a strange shape in the window. It was a penguin eating a sausage sandwich. The penguin said "good afternoon" to the boy turned around and went. Of course, the boy was very surprised. He was trying to understand it. Then outside his window he saw a monkey in a nappy, busy blowing up a balloon. At first the boy asked himself that could possibly be, but after a while, he began to laugh and found it hard to stop. Then he saw a pig playing a tambourine, an elephant jumping on a trampoline or a dog wearing a pair of glasses and talking about politics. The little boy didn't tell anyone about this because who would have believed him? His health had improved so much that he was able to go back to school again.

Part III

In school he talked to his friends and told them all the strange things on the window. While he was talking to his best friend he saw something sticking out of his friend's school bag. The boy asked his friend what it was. He was surprised. There were all the fancy-dress suits and disguises that his best friend had been using to try to cheer the little boy up! And from that day the little boy always did his best to make sure that no one felt sad and alone.

Care of Healthy
You must care your health. Good health helps you to study well. At home your parents control your health. At school the school-doctor controls your health. She always helps you. The doctor has her consulting-room in the school. Every pupil has a medical inspection twice a year, at the beginning and at the end. Doctors and parents give you advice.
At the Doctor
It is winter now. It is often cold. Suddenly I fall ill. I have a high temperature. I have a running nose and a sore throat. Also I have a headache and a cough.

My mother tells me to stay in bed and then she calls for a doctor. The doctor comes. He examines my lungs and takes my temperature. He says that is flu. He writes a prescription. I follow all the doctor's instructions. Soon I feel much better. In 10 days I recover and come to school.

The thermometer
We can use a thermometer to find out how cold or hot it is outside. Some kinds of thermometers have a glass tube with liquid inside.

When the air around the tube gets warmer, the liquid moves up inside the tube.

When the air around the tube gets colder, the liquid moves down inside the tube.

The numbers on the thermometer show how cold or hot it is outside.

Is it Hot or Cold?
Some places get cold in winter. When the number on the thermometer is -20 people wear warm clothes. Some places get warm in the spring. When the number on the thermometer is +20 some people may plant flowers in their garden. Some places get hot in summer. When the number on the thermometer is +30 some people may go swimming. Some places get cool in the fall. When the number on the thermometer is -10 some people may rake leaves.
The Wind and the Sun
The Wind and the Sun argued.

“I am stronger than you,” said the Wind.

“No, you are not,” said the Sun.

Just at that moment they saw a traveler. He had a shawl. The Sun and the Wind agreed that whoever could separate the traveler from his shawl was stronger.The Wind took the first turn. He blew to tear the traveler’s shawl from his shoulders. But the harder he blew, the tighter the traveler gripped the shawl. The Wind’s turn was over.

Now it was the Sun’s turn. The Sun smiled warmly. The traveler felt the warmth. The Sun’s smile grew hotter and hotter. Now he took it off. The Sun was declared stronger than the Wind.
Never be ungrateful
It was summer. The sun was extremely hot. Two travelers were going along a dusty road. There were no trees along its sides.

Suddenly they saw a tree with big leaves and branches. It was like an umbrella. They sat in the cool shade of the tree. After taking some rest, one traveler said to the other, "What a useless tree it is! It has no fruits at all." Hearing this, the tree burst out, “You ungrateful soul! On one hand, you are in my cool shade and you are calling me useless. Get up and leave the place immediately!”

The First Snow Storm
Little Harry was born in a warm place. Flowers bloomed all the year round. The sun shone all the time.

When Harry was six years old his parents took a journey to New York.

In this city the weather grew cold. The sky was gray.

Harry was watching the cars through the window. Suddenly something white fell slowly down. Then it disappeared.

Harry was surprised when he touched it. It was so cold. He took some up in his hand, but in a moment it was only a drop of water.

Harry ran to his mamma and asked. She told him it was snow.

There are four seasons in a year. They are: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Winter is a very cold season. There is usually much snow in winter. In spring the trees become green and birds sing. In summer it is hot. Summer is my favourite season. In autumn the weather is usually rainy. Schoolchildren go to school in September.
The legend about Tolagai
There is a mountain called Tolagai in Kokpekty. It is like a large upside down bowl.

The hunter Sartan and his wife Aisulu had a boy. They named him Tolagai. He grew very fast, so in a short period of time he became a real batyr. He was very handsome and strong.

Once there was great drought in the Kazak steppe. People couldn't find a drop of water. So Tolagai wanted to save people. He heard about the land Tarbagatai. There was much water and rain. Soon he found this land. He liked it very much. He saw a high mountain and took it with him.

He was going day and night. At last he reached his Motherland. Suddenly there was a lightening in the sky and it began raining. All the rivers were filled with fresh water. All people were glad and happy. They thanked the batyr. But Tolagai couldn't answer them because he was tired very much.

And since that the mountain has been called Tolagai.
Legend about dombra
In ancient times two brothers-giants lived in the Altai highlands. The younger brother had dombra and he loved to play it. He forgot about everything in the world when he began to play dombra. The elder brother was proud and vain. Once he wanted to become famous. He decided to build a bridge. He began to gather stones. And the younger brother continued to play dombra.

So the days went by. The younger brother did not help. The elder brother was angry. He broke it against the rock. The music stopped, but on the stone the stamp remained. Many years passed. People found this stamp and began to make new dombras and the music sounded again.

Walt Disney and his heroes
Walt Disney was born in Chicago. He liked to draw. In 1923 he went to Hollywood with his brother Roy. In Hollywood they were producing a series of cartoon films.

In 1927 he had some success with the series called “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit”. In 1928 he achieved lasting success with “Mickey Mouse”. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie, Pluto became a household word.

In 1955 he opened “Disney-land”, a huge amusement park in southern California. Disneyland is situated 27 miles south of Los Angeles.

The park is divided into six themes and there is so much to see and do.

Walt Disney died in California at the age of 65. His works have given so much pleasure people, young and old, in many countries.
The Ants and the Grasshoppers
Part I

One summer a grasshopper met some ants. They were working very hard. He couldn't believe how hard they were working. “They must have fun in summer?!” he thought. So he asked them, "Why are you working so hard all summer long, you must have fun, making music and dancing!"

The ants replied, "We are working hard to gather food and shelter for winter. Then we will rest and play all warm in our ant hill. You must prepare for the long winter."

"That's no fun! I want to play and dance and make music all summer long!" said the Grasshopper and went.

Part II

So the summer passed and autumn came. The family of Ants was drying the grain.

The Grasshopper came along. He began making fun of the ants. "You're still working but I’m playing all summer long - you ants are so boring!" And he went again, playing his fiddle and dancing merrily along.
Part III

Soon winter came and the wind whistled and the snow fell. The ants were snug in their ant hill. The ants were surprised to see the Grasshopper! He was hungry and freezing. "Please, can you give me some food?" he said.

"What!" cried the Ants, "didn’t you store anything away for winter?"

"I was so busy making music didn’t know the summer went." whined the Grasshopper.

The Ants were angry for his laziness but had pity on him.

"We will share our home and food with you but you must play your fiddle and dance for us through the long winter."

The Grasshopper thankfully agreed and learned that next summer he must work before he plays.
Legend about the origin of the lake Burabay (Borovoe)
God created the earth, people and nations. Also God created round mountains, lakes and rivers.

But only the Kazakhs got the endless steppe. Then the steppe people begged and asked something else from God. The Creator looked in the sack where he kept nature sights. There were some mountains, several beautiful forests, several cool rivers and lakes. But they were the best. God took out the remains from his sack and the most beautiful lake in the world – Burabay appeared. It is known as the lake Borovoe – “Kazakh Switzerland”.

The farmer and his sons
A farmer had five sons. They were strong and hardworking. But they always quarreled. The farmer didn’t like it. He wanted them to live in peace. The farmer always thought what to do.

One day he found an answer. So he called all his sons.

He showed them a bundle of sticks and said, “I want you to break these sticks without separating them from the bundle.”

Five sons tried one by one. They used their full strength. But they couldn’t. Then the old man separated the sticks and gave them to break. They broke the sticks easily.

The farmer said, “A single stick is weak. It is strong in a bundle. Likewise, you can be strong together.”
Birbal the wise
One day, a rich merchant came to Birbal.

He said to Birbal, “I have seven servants in my house. One of them has stolen my bag of precious pearls. Please find out the thief.”

So Birbal went to the rich man’s house. He called all the seven servants in a room. He gave a stick to each one of them.

Then he said, “These are magic sticks. Just now all these sticks are equal in length. Keep them with you and return tomorrow. If there is a thief in the house, his stick will grow an inch longer by tomorrow.”

The servant who had stolen the bag of pearls was scared. He thought, “If I cut a piece of one inch from my stick, I won’t be caught.” The next day Birbal collected the sticks from the servants. He found that one servant’s stick was short by an inch. Birbal pointed his finger at him and said, “Here is the thief.”
Jealous goat
A goat and a donkey live on the same farm. The farmer feeds the donkey very well, because the donkey works hard. The farmer gives the goat less food, because the goat doesn’t work. The goat becomes jealous. He thinks if the donkey stops to work, the farmer gives the goat more food. So he pushes the donkey into a large hole. The vet examines the donkey. “The quickest way to make better,” he said, “is to give the donkey the goat’s soup.” Now the goat must be a food for the donkey.
The First Robot
There was once a man named Joey. He dreamed to create the first robot. So Joey wanted to become a mechanical engineer.

He attended the University of Engineering. Joey finished and now he is an engineer. He built the first robot.

Every day he wakes up, eats breakfast and goes to work.  He spends his day in his high tech computer designing various items for companies.

Mechanical engineering is very important to society because just about everything that is made or designed goes through a mechanical engineer.

Personal Computers
At 7:00 A.M. my personal computer wakes me up. As I slowly get out of bed I say “mail, please”. It tells me I have two bills to play and a letter to read. Actually, I ask my computer to read the letter with the command “read letter”.

Next, I go to the kitchen. There’s milk in the refrigerator, but I need eggs and bread. So, I go back to my computer and say, “grocery order: eggs and bread”.

Do you think that I am describing the future? You are right. Personal computer will do it in the near future. Already, automatic bill payment is replacing payments by cash.

People accustomed to computers and think they can’t live without them.

All about Fast Cars
Most fast cars have a smooth look. This helps them go faster. The wind won’t slow them down. The wind goes over the smooth car.

Some fast cars have special tires. These tires don’t get too hot in a race.

Fast cars have a stronger engine.

Fast cars go faster because their weigh is small. Fast race cars have no extra part that is why they are lighter.

Some of the fastest cars can go 2550 and 260 and 270 miles per hour on the road!

There are many different types of racing cars. Races go in different places. Some are done on tracks, roads and dirt.

Space Adventure
Part I

We were ready to lift off our space ship and explore our galaxy. I called my friends. Space has no oxygen, so we cannot breathe unless we have the suits. Then we lifted off, once we exited the atmosphere on the moon and took pictures. The aliens were really nice.

Then we left the moon and went towards mars. It is the fourth planet in our solar system. It was really hot and dusty. It was so dusty and I couldn't breathe. We couldn't stand the dust, so we left. 
Part II Jupiter

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. The large spot on the planet is a huge storm. It is known as the gas giant. We decided to go straight through the planet. It was really hard to see in the thick clouds. Our computer calculated the planet consists of 90% hydrogen and 9.99% helium.

Part III Saturn

Saturn is a very cool planet. It has really nice rings around it. Those rings are made of chunks of ice and small amounts of carbonaceous dust. This planet was really cool in my opinion. We flew around its rings were amazed with the beauty of the planet. After a few hours we left towards Uranus. 

Part IV Uranus

Uranus is like an ice giant. It is the coldest planet in the solar system. We ice skated on the patches of ice. When we exited the planet we saw a few alien spaceships. They seemed very nice and offered us gasoline because we needed more gasoline for the spaceship. After that we took a break to eat. We ate Pizza and vegetables, and drank soda.

Part V Neptune

Neptune is the last planet in the Solar System. It is the smallest of the ice giants. It is extremely cold and impossible for us to land on. We were getting ready to leave until we saw on our GPS a small thing which looked like Pluto. So we decided to go to it. 

Part VI Pluto

Pluto was a planet in our solar system but not anymore. It is too small. It was extremely cold. Its surface was mostly all ice with a bit of rocks. We were able to land on Pluto and collect some samples of its ground. We left the dwarf planet and made our way back home. It was an amazing and fun trip.

The Sun
The Sun is in the middle of the Solar System. The Sun is a star. It is the closest star to the Earth. We could not live without the Sun. We need its heat and light to live.

The Sun
The sun is a star. Stars are balls of very hot gas. As the gas burns it makes light and heat. Plants and animals need this light and heat to live on the Earth. The sun is the biggest part of our Solar System. It is very important.
The Cold Planet
Part I

Far from Earth there is a small planet, Fliptune. It is dark and cold, far from the sun, behind a much bigger planet.

Little green aliens live there. They use torches to see.

One day, a young alien, Neila, put the wrong batteries in her torch.

Suddenly, there was a dazzling beam of light. It went up into the sky, around the sun, and hit planet Earth.

The light hit a boy called Billy and his dog, Splodge. Neila quickly turned the torch off, but it was late.

Part II

They landed near Neila.

“Wow!” said Billy. “Everything’s made of ice cream!”

“Nobody eats it. It’s too cold here,” said Neila.

Neila looked sad. “Can you help us?” she said. “We need sunshine.”

“Can you get us home? I have an idea.” said Billy.

She got her touch and put the wrong batteries again. ZOOOOOOOOM! Billy and Splodge were on the Earth.

Billy pointed his bedroom mirror between the sun and Fliptune. The sun’s rays reached Neila’s planet.

Fliptune is not cold any more. Splodge moves the mirror each day. Now, Neila and her friends sit in the sun and enjoy all that ice cream.

2. Texts in english for basic school
Reading for pleasure

Good morning, Miss Dove
After Frances Gray Patton

Miss Dove was a strict teacher. If a pupil wanted to leave the classroom to get a drink of water, Miss Dove just looked at him and said nothing. They were afraid of that look and they called her ‘the terrible Miss Dove’ though she never shouted at them or scolded them.

On that day forty children were sitting in her class at the geography lesson. They heard the bell, but they did not move, they did not talk, they all waited in silence and looked at Miss Dove. Only after she had told them to close their books and go, did they the classroom quietly without shouting or running. A boy who had talked during the lesson was left in the room and had to write twenty times ‘I must not talk during the lessons’.

The next lesson began. The pupils came into the classroom and took their places. Miss Dove gave them written work to do, because it was Tuesday, and on Tuesdays they always had some written work.

One of the boys pushed the girl who was sitting next to him. Miss Dove looked at him, and he stopped moving though she did not scold him. Miss Dove looked at the boy but she did not see him. Instead of him she saw his elder brother, Thomas Baker, who had sat in that place some six or seven years before. The war had brought the children she had taught to different parts of the world. One was in Germany, another in the jungle of New Guinea, a third one somewhere in Africa. She did not know where all of them were. Though all of them had finished school many years before, she now saw them as they had been at seven, at ten, at twelve.

The pupil she thought about most often was Thomas Baker. The German planes had bombed his ship, and for many days he had lain on a raft without anything to eat and very little to drink. When they found him, he was almost dying. The newspapers wrote much about him in those days.

Randy Baker put his hand up.

“Yes, Baker?” Miss Dove asked.

“I got a letter from Tom yesterday,” the boy explained. “May I read it to the class?”

“Yes, certainly.”

“But it’s a long one”.

“I’m sure it will be useful for everyone to hear the letter of such a brave man,” explained the teacher.

Randy looked around and began to read. Tom told his younger brother what he had seen from the plane in which he was brought back to England. He wrote that the land below looked like the map they had used at the geography lessons at school. Then he wrote how he had suffered on the raft with almost no water to drink. “Do you know who I was thinking about then? It wasn’t a boy or a girl,” he explained. “I was thinking about Miss Dove, and out there in the open ocean I played a game. No, I am not joking. And it helped me to stay alive. I imagined that I was back again in the geography class; I remembered the look Miss Dove gave us when we wanted to leave the classroom for a drink of water. So I imagined that I was at her lesson and kept thinking all the time: ‘The bell will go in a few minutes. You can wait a little longer. You must wait for the bell.’ And it made everything easier. It was almost as difficult there in the ocean as it had been at school. Tell that to the boys, will you?”

Randy stopped suddenly.

“Is that all?” Miss Dove asked.

“No,” said Randy. His face became very red. “It says here: ‘Please thank Miss Dove and give her a kiss for me’.”

Miss Dove went up to the boy.

“Well, Randy,” she said. “I’m waiting.”

In the silence that followed little Randy kissed ‘the terrible Miss Dove’. Nobody in the class laughed or even joked about it; everybody was silent except one girl who suddenly spoke.

“It’s like a medal,” she said. “It’s just like a medal he has given to Miss Dove.”

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