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Summary To the abstract of Dissertation for applying for scientific degree of Doctor Philology on specialty

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To the abstract of Dissertation for applying for scientific degree of Doctor Philology on specialty

10.01.02- Kazakh Literature

Istleyova Saltanat Dalbaevna.

Shakarim’s   poetics.
This research  work is  devoted   to the poetics of the  creative activity of Shakarim Kudaiberdiev.  Shakarim is a  prominent  representative  of Abai  Kunanbaev’s poetic school: He was  able to raise  Kazakh creative  poetry  to a   higher level.

         The  actuality of the  research lies  in the  fact  that  it  shows the peculiarities, unique traits and  individuality of  Shakarim’s  poetry. The  beauty of words , the  depth of  soul  emotions and  philosophic  perception  of the  world  are  synthesized in his   verses and  poems. Any  contemporary  reader  can find answers to  many  painful  social questions  in  the  poet’s  spiritual and  creative  heritage.  The poet’s aspiration for “human’s improvement” , for the  truth and  justice  makes  his   heritage  especially  actual for the modern Kazakh society. The  classical meaning of his  verses  and  poems testifies  to this   effect. Shakarim is not only a poet. He is a  philosopher and  historian of the  Kazakh  ethnos. Most  of his  works  reveal  the  versatility and  diversity  of his  creative   activity. Here is the  peculiarity  and   complexity of Shakarim’s poetry, the  actuality  of scientific analysis  and  interpretation of the  poet’s creative  ideas  and projects.

         The scientific  novelty of the given  research is  based on the  fact  that it is the first  attempt to give  a complex scientific analysis of  Shakarim’s poetic  peculiarities  in Kazakh  literature. Shakarim’s poetry  is  distinguished by the  versatility of genre,  style, forms and  compositions. Hundreds of new  words and  phrases are  created,  which made  the Kazakh poetry richer. His poetry demonstrates that deep  psychologism  of his verses harmonizes with  socially important problems. Glorifying the world  Shakarim  brings to the   forefront   the  philosophical categories of  moral ideas of  humaneness, justice and  honesty. Religions problems  take  a  unique   place  in the  poet’s  creative  activity. Shakarim  connects  the solution  of moral  problems  with love  for  God, Creator (Zharatushi). High ideal love for  God is the  main  motive  in Shakarim’s  poetry.

         The  first chapter of the  dissertation analyzes the  novelty of Shakarim’s poetry. The  second  chapter deals with  his   poetical world. The  third  chapter discloses the role  of  spiritual  values  Shakarim’s  poetry. The  analysis of Shakarim’s creative activity makes up the  most  significant  part (the  core) of the  research.

The second  chapter  of the  dissertation  is  devoted to  Shakarim’s poetical world. His  verses, poems, edifications have  created a new  trend  and  distinctive  style  in  Kazakh poetry.  The  research  shows  poetic  skill, literary beauty, the depth of the  poet’s  creative  philosophical thought. These  qualities are  depicted in most  of  his works as a  unity. Shakarim’s poetic  peculiarity  includes the   harmonious  combination of the  Eastern and Western  schools and  samples with  the  traditional  school  of Kazakh  poetry.

         The ideas, contents and  poetic  expressive  means  used in Shakarim’s  poetry  meet the  requirements  of Abai’s  poetical school. Shakarim’s outlook, his   views are  the logical continuation  of Abai’s  poetry. At the  same  time  Kazakh  poetical  art is  enriched  with  new  forms, word combinations and  song patterns. The  versatile beauty of Kazakh  poetry is  exposed in  Shakarim’s creative  activity  in full.

         The  third chapter deals with  the  role of  spiritual  values in Shakarim’s poetry. The  poet-thinker solves the  problem of relations between the  man society and  God, Creator in his  own way. They  are   depicted trough  the use  of new  nations, new  systems of thinking, terms, literary devices and   figures of speech.

         Solving  the  problem  of life  and  death, soul  and body, knowledge and  morality in his  own way Shakarim demonstrates the  creation of a new  philosophically -  religious and  socially-moral poetry. It is  deep  in  meaning. There  are  a lot of  symbols and  categories, one can find  the mystery of aims  and  intentions.

         Shakarim writes a lot  about  the  role  of  “love” in  personal  life.

         Love  and generosity of  a  righteous  man,  a true man  are  measured  by  his   love   for the   Creator (Жаратушы) . It is this  sincere love  that  proves to be  the  moral  and   spiritual  force which  makes both   the  personality and the  whole  society as well as the  nation  noble.

         The theme of a  man  and  personality is a priority  theme  in Shakarim’s poetry. Kindness and  compassion, aspiration  for   activity and good knowledge, for creative actions  can be  cultivated in the  poet’s  opinion, on   the  basis of  such categories as “honor” (ap), “intellect” (aқыл), “good will” (ақ ниет), “conscience” (ынсап), “kindness” (рақым), “contentment”(қанағат),  “labor” (еңбек), “open-heartedness” (ақ жүрек). Just  these  traits  help  to form  “the  righteous man”, “the  person of full value”. The  most  important problem on the   planet  of person  socialization  is  solved  by  Shakarim through the  beauty of Kazakh  poetry. The  poet  achieves deep psychologism  in the  depiction of  relations between the  man  and the  nature.

Striving   for God, knowledge and labor, a man  becomes  a bearer of  morality and  humaneness. Shakarim tackles profound problems  of world  comprehension  and  world  perception by using different  poetical  forms and devices.

The  concluding  part  sums up the  results of the  research  work and  gives  conclusions  on the  problems  under  study.  Distinctive features,  peculiarities of  Shakarim’s  poetry  are  analyzed  from the position  of  contemporary literature study.

The  results  of the dissertation can be  used  in  the  university courses of Kazakh literature and scientific  investigation of poetry.

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